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Disaposable Hemorrhoids Stapler, Disposable Intralunminal Stapler, Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler, Disposable endoscopic cutting stapler

 DAVID Medical Device Co., Ltd is established in year 2012 as a full capitalized subsidiary company of David Medical Device Co., Ltd. The company is dedicated to providing the research, manufacturing, marketing and service of mechanical surgery and minimally invasive surgery related products, and it is committed to providing the advanced solutions of minimally invasive surgery for clinical surgeons.

The company aims at the surgery market, specializing in manufacture the disposable surgical staplers’ in general thoracic surgery, stomach gastrointestinal surgery urinary and anorectal surgery. Major products are disposable intraluminal stapler, disposable linear cutting stapler, disposable anorectal stapler (PPH), disposable linear stapler, disposable trocar and disposable endoscopic cutting stapler.

DAVID Medical Device Co.,Ltd., a high ends products supplier, is continuously practicing the quality policy “Science and technology in advance, Based on quality”. The company insists to strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of equality, and has been approved by ISO13485 Medical Device Quality System Certification and CE Certification. It provides customers with high quality products and services and the extended life!

Anorectal Stapler
Hemorrhoids Stapler, 
Intralunminal Stapler,
Linear Stapler
Linear Cutting Stapler,
Endoscopic cutting stapler
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